Get Wild, Glenwood’s Great Caving Adventure

Wild Cave Tour - Glenwood CavernsColorado adventurers can check spelunking off their list with a visit to the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park!  The wild cave tour is perfect for thrill seekers looking for high adventure and good ’ole belly romp in the mud. This fascinating tour takes visitors through rarely seen areas of the historic Fairy Caves.  Be prepared to get your hands dirty with strenuous activity that involves crawling on your hands, elbows stomach and knees for extended periods.

This tour is not for the faint of heart as one section involves chimneying through an 18 inch square section.  The rewards are well worth it however as the chimney opens to stunning and visually explosive sections of the cave.

While the tour is 2 hours, it takes a full 3 hours with gear and preparation.  Visit the Glenwood Caverns website for detailed information about this caving tour.