Fishing and Boating Access in Glenwood Springs, CO

Glenwood Springs is the ultimate fly fishing destination in the State of Colorado. The town is tri-sected by two prominent Gold Medal rivers (the Roaring Fork and Colorado River). 15 minutes upstream is the Crystal River and another 15 is the famous Frying Pan River. Overall, you’ll find dozens of miles of contiguous Gold Medal water from three different rivers (all with different conditions and hatches). It doesn’t get any better than this!

Fishing and boating access map:

View Fishing Access Spots around Glenwood Springs in a larger map

Cemetary Hole
Park here and follow trail down to river.

27 Street Bridge
Park here to fish this stretch. Walk across the bridge to fish the West side of the river.

Safeway Parking Lot
Park in the far Northwest corner of the parking lot and there is an access onto the trail. Take the trail downstream into a little pocket park and then walk along the side of river. A few minutes do…

Two Rivers Park
Park here to access the whole stretch of the Colorado River… Typically a busier location though if you move downstream it is less busy.

Devereux Rd
Park here to fish this stretch of the river.

Devereux Road Fisherman’s Parking
A small parking lot just for fisherman

WhiteWater Park Parking
Park here to access both sides of the river. Good place to hangout and watch kayakers and paddleboarders playing on the wave too.

South Canyon Parking and Boatramp
Access both the upstream and downstream stretch from here.

South Canyon Bridge
Fishing access here plus the famous “South Canyon Wave” for kayakers when the water is the right level.

8th Street
Park here to access the lowest portions of the Roaring Fork River. The Upstream river can be accessed by foot on the East or West side. To go downstream, cross the bridge and only fish the Eastern ed…

Veltus Park
Easy river access in this shady park.

No Name Rest Area
Park in the No Name Rest Area to follow the trail upriver.

No Name Bend
Park here to access the river upstream or down along the trail.

No Name Creek
A nice little creek that is fun to fish and hike. Watch out for Bears though! Brushy and filled with little brookies. A favorite locals hike

Grizzly Creek
A nice medium sized creek you can hike up several miles or you can go down and fish the Colorado River where the creek flows into the river.

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